The Future of Asset
Management. Powered by AI.

RISE Wealth Technologies is a scientifically focused software technology company and a provider of solutions for the development of trading strategies based on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our patent-filed AI Machine Learning platform will fundamentally change the way that funds, investors and asset managers make investments.

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What is RISE?

RISE is a FinTech company developing patent-pending AI / ML trading systems outperforming global markets since 2016. We are changing the way how funds, investors and asset managers invest. The RISE methodology enables investors to continuously discover, validate and implement new trading opportunities in both highly liquid and illiquid financial markets across the globe. The RISE technology-based financial solutions have outperformed competitive products since 2016.*

  • Patent-Pending Technology

    Our self-learning AI technology has been filed for patent.

  • 3 Years Track Record

    RISE has earned profits for institutional money managers since 2016.

  • 20+ Team Members

    Team of quants, traders, developers, data scientists and entrepreneurs.

  • Unparalleled Research Capacity

    Research capacity comparable to largest hedge funds worldwide & still increasing.

  • 100% German Engineering

    Based in Munich, one of the leading AI technology hubs globally.

  • Flagship Strategy

    Since inception, consistently ranked among the top 20% within its peer group.

*Cboe Eurekahedge Relative Volatility Index

Meet the RISE Flagship Strategy

Over the past 5 years, RISE’s technology produced a wide variety of trading strategies for its clients. With remarkable results. Since its launch in 2016, the flagship strategy "Volatility Opportunities" has consistently ranked among the top 20% within its peer group and is one of the leading AI strategies available.

Strategy Description

Volatility Opportunities provides an effective intraday and short-term tail hedge without the usual costs associated with such a program also generating positive returns via (view more) Volatility Opportunities provides an effective intraday and short-term tail hedge without the usual costs associated with such a program also generating positive returns via its short volatility bias during bullish market phases.

The AI driven systematic investment process continuously optimizes all relevant trading parameters; signal generation and order execution is fully automated ensuring that the program efficiently switches to a directional long volatility profile, ratio hedging its long equity exposure and generating alpha.

Traded products are highly liquid ETFs, Futures & Options: e.g. VXX, S&P 500 Index Options, VIX Index Options, E-Mini S&P 500 Futures, VIX Index Futures. The inception of the portfolio was end of April 2016.


Return gross of fees: 04/2016 - 10/2019

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AI revolutionizes the investment world. RISE is a pioneer in the field of machine learning.

Technology is changing the face of asset management, one the biggest industries in the world; about four times the size of the US GDP. Key fact: the next billion-$ or even trillion-$ asset manager will be a technology company.

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Humans Cannot Compete

Human trading is being replaced at breath-taking speed by automated, data-driven algorithms. In global financial markets using computers with billions of times the human "computing capacity” to make trading decisions is the natural next step of the evolution of investing.

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Massive Computing Power

The RISE engine is fed with price data from over 10 years as well as hundreds of statistical indicators. Combined with massive computing power, the research capacity is comparable to the largest hedge funds in the world.

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AI Investing is the Future

A team of experienced Fintech entrepreneurs has built RISE over the past 7 years with the goal of becoming the market leader in AI-based asset management industry.

“RISE is on a mission to build cutting-edge AI-powered asset management software. We're at the forefront of a massive shift of the wealth management industry towards fully machine-powered trading solutions.”

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Stefan Tittel Founder & CEO | RISE

RISE in the News

  • News Image
    Segment from TV Show 'Innovators with Jane King' - [Nasdaq MarketSite]

    RISE Wealth Technologies CEO Stefan Tittel on the shift in the asset management industry towards AI and technology, live from NASDAQ at Innovators with Jane King.

    NASDAQ, 10 Nov 2019
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    Intelligent Sparen ist kompliziert

    Stefan Tittel gehört mit zu den KI-Pionieren in Deutschland. Sein Unternehmen Rise Wealth Technologies ist eine Softwarefirma, die Anlagestrategien für maschinelles Lernen und algorithmischen Handel für Vermögensverwalter anbietet.

    WELT, 10 Oct 2019
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    RISE Wealth Technologies Creates Artificial Intelligence Trading Systems

    RISE WEALTH TECHNOLOGIES is a software fintech company specializing in providing AI solutions for financial trading systems and investors. Stefan Tittel, founder, and CEO of RISE leads the company using an impressive track record of successful entrepreneurship across Europe.

    Forbes, 20 Sep 2019
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    RISE Wealth Technologies is Using Artificial Intelligence to Lead the Disruption of the Asset Management Industry

    RISE’s AI Platform will Industrialize the Large Amount of Work that Financial Analysts Typically Do. Stefan Tittel, the Founder of RISE Wealth Technologies, is pleased to announce that his company is successfully using artificial intelligence (AI) in a way that will revolutionize the asset management industry.

    Yahoo! Finance, 10 Sep 2019
  • News Image
    Wie Big Data die Vermögensverwaltung revolutioniert

    Was hat die Parkplatzkamera von Walmart mit der Anlageentscheidung eines Vermögensverwalters zu tun? Nichts, sagen die einen – alles, sagen die anderen.

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 17 Oct 2018
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