The Era of Human-Powered Investing is Over

RISE is a Germany-based technology company developing sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered quantitative trading systems.

RISE Develops Highly Automated, AI-Powered Financial Trading Systems

At RISE we believe that technology and science are the only way to generate profits in financial markets. Our focus is therefore to develop AI-powered, systematic, fully automated trading systems in markets where we have established extensive knowledge and a deep understanding. Our strategies are either purely quantitative or “quantamental” and combine science and statistics with fundamental data points and industry knowledge. Research focuses on statistical arbitrage, long-short equity models, volatility models and spread-and-pair trading models as well as market-neutral and directional models for generally all markets.

Our team is proudly based in Munich, Germany

Machine-Powered Investing is the Future. Today.


RISE is a powerful symbiosis of science, financial theory and behavioral theory. Trading is fully automated, based on RISE’s proprietary, high-tech methods that remove the emotional, human “element” from the decision-making process.

Massive Scale

The RISE engine is fed with price data from over 10 years as well as hundreds of statistical indicators. Terabytes of new data are processed each day by 36 server cores. Trading is executed by co-located server systems across the world’s financial centers.


RISE has developed a machine that trains machines. A system that finds, produces, tests and improves the calculation systematics behind its investment strategies and which makes permanent adjustments — thousands of times a month.

RISE AI Strategies Have Beaten Global Markets since 2014

RISE Strategies
Strategy Description

Global Commodities is a multi strategy approach focusing on commodity futures and options as well as stocks of companies directly related to the production of those commodities. (view more) Global Commodities is a multi strategy approach focusing on commodity futures and options as well as stocks of companies directly related to the production of those commodities. Currently we trade four proprietary 100% systematic price driven systems that incorporate behavioural and seasonal elements in their long/short signal generation process. All trades are executed via limit orders to achieve a target volatility of 10% while limiting leverage to 4x. The product is designed to be market neutral providing long term systematic alpha via intraday or short-term directional and mean reverting trades.


Return net of fees: 01/2013 - 11/2018

Strategy Description

Our VOLATILITY STRATEGY identifies new volatility trends, analyses a broad spectrum of equities, identifies anomalies in the relevant options, and trades with dollar-neutral long/short pairs. (view more) Volatility Opportunities is a multi-strategy approach in the S&P 500 index volatility market providing an effective intraday and short-term tail hedge arbitraging VIX Index futures versus the S&P 500 Index futures. Via its long-short volatility exposure the strategy aims at providing an effective tail hedge without the usual costs associated with such a program generating returns via its short volatility bias during bullish market phases. The systematic AI driven investment process ensures that the strategy switches to a directional long volatility profile not only effectively hedging its long equity exposure but also generating returns via this long volatile bias. Order execution is fully automated.


Return net of fees: 01/2013 - 11/2018

Strategy Description

Global Equities is a multi strategy approach focusing on U.S. equities aiming to achieve long-term investment growth with a view to outperforming the S&P 500 Net Total Return in the long run. (view more) Global Equities is a multi strategy approach focusing on U.S. equities aiming to achieve long-term investment growth with a view to outperforming the S&P 500 Net Total Return in the long run. The investment universe consists of the largest constituents of the S&P 500 Index and S&P 500 index futures. All elements of the program are rooted in technical analysis designed to identify intraday or short-term trends, trading signals are derived from proprietary historic price and volume analysis. The program aims at exploiting key resistance levels and short-term lows while running a moderate portfolio risk profile relative to the benchmark. The program is operated as an automated, computer-based system derived from extensive statistical research.


Return net of fees: 01/2013 - 11/2018

Strategy Description

The Level Breakout Multi Crypto Algorithm (LBMCA) is a level breakout strategy, which continuously calculates relevant breakout levels for each instrument in the basket of instruments being traded. (view more) The Level Breakout Multi Crypto Algorithm (LBMCA) is a level breakout strategy, which continuously calculates relevant breakout levels for each instrument in the basket of instruments being traded. The strategy then trades upon price breakthroughs through the calculated levels. Sophisticated risk management incorporating liquidity and price volatility provides a dynamically sized allocation to instruments in the basket. This cluster of trading strategies relates price movements, pattern, statistical data about the given underlying as well as neighboring indicators with momentum and trading volumes and derives suitable time windows for opening and closing long and short positions. The LBMCA trades the 10 most liquid cryptocurrencies on the four major spot exchanges, and has an intraday, short-termed focus. The algorithms use its set of indicators and dynamically adjusted ML parameters to identify breakouts of the price curve and enters such positions temporarily. Any excess cash-positions will be allocated to highly liquid fixed income instruments. The reference currency of the strategy is EUR. The strategy is a Total Return Index.


Return net of fees: 01/2017 - 11/2018

Strategy Description

The RISE Coin Basket is a long only actively traded index based on the cryptocurrencies listed on Bitfinex exchange with a focus on coins with high risk-adjusted momentum values. (view more) The RISE Coin Basket is a long only actively traded index based on the cryptocurrencies listed on Bitfinex exchange with a focus on coins with high risk-adjusted momentum values. Currently, the portfolio consists of 21 coins (based on Bitfinex). Portfolio allocation is variable and depends on the overall market momentum at this point. During market turmoils the total exposure is correspondingly adjusted and thus works as a defensive measure for the portfolio value Shares of coins inside of the portfolio are continuously adjusted in order to be flexible with respect to single coin momentums and to minimize market impact. Calculation of risk adjusted momentums is based on advanced quantitative, machine learning approaches.


Return net of fees: 01/2017 - 11/2018

Strategy Description

RISE market making strategy, which focuses on EURIBOR and STERLING Short-Term Interest Rates (STIR) options listed on ICE Europe exchange. (view more) In Market Making the goal is to provide liquidity to the market and efficiency to the exchange. Responding to any quote request by offering a competitive bid/ ask price and profit from the spread (bid-ask difference). As an experienced market maker, we have built the necessary expertise and established a broker network to gain current market insights and gather a huge amount of information as historical data (volatility, skew,etc...) stored in our dedicated database. Combined with our proven trading technology, we implement proprietary trading strategies using automated trading signals to take advantage of discrepancies in the market. The common strategies used are Vega and Gamma strategies (arbitration between implied and realized vol), Gamma versus Vega strategies (red curve vs mid curve spread), Skew Strategies (risky-combo positions, put vs call), etc. Our market making strategy focuses on EURIBOR and STERLING Short-Term Interest Rates (STIR) options listed on ICE Europe exchange. STIR options represent one of the biggest derivative markets in Europe and offer substantial opportunities. Our track record shows a consistent return on investment and makes it one of the best products to trade in terms of risk/reward ratio.

Partners & Press

Since 2014 RISE Powers Institutional and Large Private Capital Allocations


RISE works with several major global institutions that are able to deploy RISE’s systematic trading strategies directly within their treasuries and institutional trading wallets.

Family Offices

RISE is working with large European Family Offices to invest their capital based on tailored, non-correlated investment strategies powered by RISE’s self-learning AI systems.


RISE powers large capital allocations of a select number of HNWIs and UHNWIs across the world.

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  • Stefan Tittel CEO

    Stefan is the founder and CEO of RISE. A highly accomplished serial entrepreneur with impeccable track record. The companies founded and led by him were sold for more than $200m. He previously founded: Sinus Cultur, Quantumrock Capital, Masterpayment AG, Traxpay AG, Crossgate AG. (view more)

  • Michael Morsch CFO

    Executive with more than ten years experience as CFO in different technology-driven companies in the financial sector. Michael has worked as a certified executive director for an European licensed financial institution and the stock listed companies T-Systems, SAP AG and Net1 UEPS Technologies. Cofounder of Masterpayment AG and Sinus Cultur. (view more)

  • Robert Gold CTO

    Highly experienced software architect specialized in complex trading systems and real time data processing systems with high-throughputs. Robert was in charge of the backend architecture of AG, leading a developer team of highly-skilled experts working on scalable architecture solutions for processing huge amounts of streaming data in real time. (view more)

  • Victor Bremer CIO

    Former JP Morgan Chase and BP commodity market specialist with a long-term experience as a risk and trading analyst on the trading floor of BP. His deep understanding of commodity markets was an important catalyst for RISE's trading models. He has been conducting research for more than seven years into anomalies in commodities price trends. (view more)

  • Dr. Dr. Roman Gorbunov Head of AI Systems

    Dr. Dr. Gorbunov has more than a decade of practical experience in applying machine learning to a very broad range of problems in both academia and industry. Two PhDs in Game Theory and Quantum Chemistry and a Master Degree in Theoretical Physics. His main interests lie in building intelligent systems based on state of the art techniques in Deep Reinforcement Learning. (view more)

  • Nikolay Nadirashvili Head of Algorithmic Trading

    Nikolay has been developing algorithmic trading systems using machine learning in different Russian investment companies since 2008 as a quantitative analyst. Nikolay was responsible for designing statistical arbitrage, options and futures models for indices, stocks and currencies. He has a deep background in machine learning, mathematics, economics and computer science. (view more)

  • Michael Zeller Head of Institutional Fund Management

    Michael Zeller has more than two decades of quantitative fund management experience across a number of different asset classes. He has researched, developed and implemented a number of different systematic trading systems over the years. He has worked for the following asset management firms and institutions: BayernInvest, CM Equity Munich, Corebot GmbH, Lupus Alpha, Credit Suisse. (view more)

  • Benedict Frauen Senior Program Manager & Authorized Director

    Entrepreneurship and Finance Expert. Helped in building Masterpayment to 50M EUR. Benedict is passionate about innovation and growth in the Digital Asset Trading and Finance space. He has built and grown companies across Technology and Beverage sectors in Germany, The Netherlands, and the United States. (view more)

  • Nadine Korehnke Head of Family Office Relations

    Nadine spent most of her career in the family office industry working for large financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch in New York and London and for Unicredit and Deutsche Bank in Munich. She then built up a real estate focused single family office in Munich and worked in the real estate sector covering family offices in the past few years. With 20 years of business experience, she holds a thorough knowledge of both the classic asset management industry as well as the real estate sector. Being Series 7 registered at New York Stock Exchange and being fluent in German, English and Italian are just some of the other qualifications she brings along. Nadine finished her Bachelor’s in business and languages in Munich, Germany and holds a Master’s in International Economics and Management (MIEM) with a focus on Money, Banking and Finance from SDA Bocconi, Italy. (view more)

  • David Beck Head of HNWI Relations

    David has a proven track record of more than 10 years in various sales and business development leadership positions throughout the fintech and banking industries worldwide, including MASTERPAYMENT – NET1 Group (Nasdaq: UEPS), epay – Euronet Worldwide Group (Nasdaq: EEFT), and Wirecard AG (ETR: WDI.) (view more)

  • Maximilian von Wallenberg Chief Product Officer

    Max is the head of Retail Products at RISE. Prior to RISE he was leading the product team at multi-asset mobile brokerage UpTick. Max is a serial FinTech Entrepreneuer and has worked as a oil & gas structure product trader for a US Investment bank. Max carries degrees from Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics. (view more)

  • Simon Frhr. von Poschinger-Bray Chief Platform Architect

    Simon is a serial start-up founder, London Business School PhD, CASS EMBA, and the chief platform architect of RISE. He has led strategy & development of mobile brokerage UpTick and has co-founded several other successful companies. Prior to that, Simon led a Single Family Office focusing on PE and real estate investing and worked in his own family office focusing on innovation opportunities. (view more)

  • Timon Hartung Online Marketing Director

    Performance marketing specialist since 2002, multichannel online marketing consultant and Crypto Enthusiast. Timon has a degree in Computer Science and has been doing online marketing since 2002 with a lot of experience in SEO and paid advertising channels especially in Facebook and RTB traffic. (view more)

  • Mehdi Sagid Head of Derivatives Trading

    Mehdi Sagid is a derivatives trader with considerable experience in EURIBOR & Sterling STIR market making over the past 8 years. Before joining RISE, he was Head of the STIR options desk at Liquid Capital Markets (London). Mehdi graduated in Mathematical Engineering and Quantitative Finance from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (Paris) and earned his master’s degree in Quantitative Finance from University Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris.   (view more)

  • Fabio Balloni Risk Manager

    Fabio works in the Financial Industry since a decade and as Risk Manager at Rise, he works on the development of advanced Risk and Reporting algorithms in order to analyse and monitor the Investments. Prior to Rise, he gained his first experience developing a Risk Management Software for APL Italiana (now Simcorp Italiana SpA). After spending 2 years as a Portfolio Analytics Support Specialist with Factset Datasystems, he moved to the Asset Management as Quantitative Risk Manager by joining Quaestio Capital Management in Milan, Italy. Fabio graduated from the Technical University of Darmstadt with a Master Degree in Physics. (view more)

  • Felix Buchert Crypto / DLT Specialist

    Distributed Ledger Technology University Lecturer with strong background in Computer Science and Mathematics. Smart contract expert. Data scientist and blockchain-enthusiast. Before joining Rise he has worked for an IT consultancy in Switzerland applying statistical data analysis and machine learning methods to a variety of areas. (view more)

  • Koung Tran Head of Software Develoment

    Koung is a Software Developer with more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry. Before RISE, he worked at leading companies including Masterpayment,, HypoVereinsbank - UniCredit Bank AG and Honeywell. Koung is an Agile Software Architect and his strengths include software planning, development, realization, quality assurance and deployment procedures. (view more)

  • Prasad Subrahmanya Senior Java Developer

    Prasad is a distributed systems enthusiast. His experience and interests include scalable, resilient architectures and infrastructure; at RISE, he works on the back-end systems. Previously, he worked as a Developer in various FinTech, E-commerce and B2B companies. Apart from the tech, he is a travel fanatic, hiker and loves mountains. (view more)

  • Nicole Bartl Accountant

    Nicole is a seasoned accountant with more than fifteen years experience across different technology-driven companies in the financial sector. Further she is responsible for creating an ideal office atmosphere at Rise. Before joining Rise, she successfully managed the accounting of Masterpayment AG and Crossgate AG. (view more)

  • Didier Mamet International Business Development - MD France

    An enthusiastic, dynamic, hands-on senior leader with a long history of achievement in go to market, market entry and international business development. Bringing over 25 years experience working with Global IT, Nasdaq and Fintech markets which spanned France, throughout EMEA and Quebec. (view more)

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Strategy Description

The RISE Absolute Return fund bundles quantitative and quantamental strategies into one umbrella. A combination of various automated trading strategies. In the chart a 5% allocation of the RISE Crypto Strategy was added from Jul 2017.

The following strategies are the most significant components of the index: (1) The COMMODITY STRATEGY analyses historical market data on various commodities to isolate seasonal price fluctuations and observes the behavior of important market players that trade the same commodity futures with different durations across strongly correlated calendar spreads. (2) The VOLATILITY-STRATEGY identifies new volatility trends by analysing a wide spectrum of equities, identifying anomalies in the relevant options and trading with dollar-neutral long/short pairs. (3) Our COPERNICUS-STRATEGY identifies over-valued and under-valued equities and sells or buys those with the potential for long-term stability. (4) The FOREX TRADING STRATEGY replicates the risk and return features of a quantitative, technical and systematic portfolio strategy that combines various systems for the trade of global currencies using a diversified portfolio of listed derivatives of such currencies.

All systems work exclusively in highly liquid markets so that positions can be decided at short notice. As a result of RISE’s continued research, new strategy certificates (on which portfolio management and risk/performance behavior decisions are based) are added to the index over time.


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