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Institutional Clients

RISE offers institutional clients software products which are designed to enable the clients to use RISE's Algorithms for their own activities on the traditional financial markets and/or crypto markets.

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Retail Clients

With the RISE application, retail traders can access the RISE ecosystem from anywhere. Track your crypto portfolio across multiple exchanges from one app. View your orders. Track your trades. Easy. Convenient. Free.

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Crypto Scanner

With the RISE Crypto Market Scanner, traders can quickly get an overview of the market with pre-built crypto scans or by building their own custom scanner. Currently 20+ Exchanges and 1000+ Cryptocurrencies are monitored.

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Strategy Description

The RISE Absolute Return fund bundles quantitative and quantamental strategies into one umbrella. A combination of various automated trading strategies. In the chart a 5% allocation of the RISE Crypto Strategy was added from Jul 2017.

The following strategies are the most significant components of the index: (1) The COMMODITY STRATEGY analyses historical market data on various commodities to isolate seasonal price fluctuations and observes the behavior of important market players that trade the same commodity futures with different durations across strongly correlated calendar spreads. (2) The VOLATILITY-STRATEGY identifies new volatility trends by analysing a wide spectrum of equities, identifying anomalies in the relevant options and trading with dollar-neutral long/short pairs. (3) Our COPERNICUS-STRATEGY identifies over-valued and under-valued equities and sells or buys those with the potential for long-term stability. (4) The FOREX TRADING STRATEGY replicates the risk and return features of a quantitative, technical and systematic portfolio strategy that combines various systems for the trade of global currencies using a diversified portfolio of listed derivatives of such currencies.

All systems work exclusively in highly liquid markets so that positions can be decided at short notice. As a result of RISE’s continued research, new strategy certificates (on which portfolio management and risk/performance behavior decisions are based) are added to the index over time.


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