The RISE Product Portfolio.
2 Core Brands. 1 Grand Vision.

RISE has several products on the market. Institutional trading solutions with RISE Pro, the Retail Platform RISE App and a powerful AI Crypto Scanner. Find out more information below.

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Funds, corporates and asset managers are able to license RISE technology to manage capital more effectively using AI.

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RISE has two main retail platforms on the markets, the RISE App and the RISE Crypto Scanner.

* $50,000 minimum investment. Accredited / qualified non EEA investors only. In the US, Securities are offered by Entoro Securities, LLC.

Our Core Brands

The RISE product portfolio is split into two core offerings targeting institutional and retail customers. With RISE Pro we are servicing an institutional customer base who are able to utilize our software to more effectively manage capital. The RISE Retail products include several brands such as the RISE App and the RISE Crypto Scanner with more products in the pipeline.

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RISE Institutional Trading Software


AI Trading strategies for institutional clients with a multi-year track record of systematic trading software development.


RISE is talking to multiple institutional clients regarding the licensing of its AI trading technology.

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The RISE Retail Platform

RISE App & RISE Scanner

Platform for retail traders to track crypto portfolios, scan the market for trading ideas and (upon regulatory approval) access gateway to all RISE retail trading strategies.


Over 100,000 users have access to the RISE App from our previous UpTick brand.

“RISE has a grand vision: to become the go-to platform for retail and institutional customers to access Wallstreet-grade AI trading technology. We’re live with several products but are just getting started.”

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Victor Bremer CIO | RISE

RISE Product Traction

The RISE Pro platform has been in development since 2012 and is now ready for prime-time. We are talking to multiple institutional customers regarding the licensing of our technology. The RISE Retail platform has grown out of UpTick, a multi-asset trading platform with over 100,000 trading accounts.

  • Multiple Pro Customers

    We work with multiple institutions & professional investors.

  • 2 Core Offerings

    RISE Pro for institutions and RISE Retail for regular investors.

  • 100,000 App Users

    Users of the UpTick application that has been rebranded to the RISE App.


    We currently have 4 RISE Pro strategies (Multi-Asset and Crypto).


    The RISE Crypto Scanner has quickly reached over 2000 beta customers


    Development on the RISE trading software started in 2012.